VE Day Victory in Europe 75th Anniversary 2020

VE Day Friday 8th May 2020 was a special day for us all. The Midland Area of the MCS had planned to celebrate in some style with a Street Party at our Droitwich Meet, coinciding with the yearly Canal Festival. Unfortunately we had to cancel  the Meet due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. However,  not to be out done some of our members managed safe distance street parties. Here’s one such party in full swing! Superb weather too!

Time to remember VE Day 2020 ©️ Colin Lang

Here’s another; complete with Motor Caravan and Union Jacks:

Putting the Flags Out : VE Day Celebrations 2020 ©️ Martin Whitaker

Most of us have or had fathers, mothers or grandfathers and grandmothers and relations who served in the Great War(s).

It was good to celebrate and we are grateful to them all.