Previous Meets

Dodderhill Equestrian 30th April 2021

With Covid-19 restrictions easing a little we were able to have a ‘pop-up’ campsite at the equestrian centre near Droitwich. The site is a short walk to Droitwich with good transport links to Bromsgrove and Worcester. Pleasant walks and cycling abound and a few pubs served food in their gardens.

It was good for members to meet up again albeit well socially distanced and with no social events. The event was fully attended and despite the cold weather enjoyed by all.

Moira Furnace September 2020

Invitation from East Midlands Area

It was a lovely sunny weekend at Moira Furnace with lots of members taking advantage of the warm weather, members taking the opportunity get out the barbie and have a socially distanced conversation with fellow cooks. 

There was plenty to do with canal boat trips, a museum in the furness showing how and why it was built but not particularly successful when put to use.

Great walks and cycling and little shops and a Cafe. Having contacted Shylie and Jim, old members, we met up in the outside cafe area and caught up with their news. It was lovely sitting chatting in the sun with a coffee to keep the throat from getting dry. They might be joining us again as they have bought another caravan and Shylie has had her knee operation.

I am glad to say that we enjoyed joining in with East Midlands area who have also booked it again for next year. (16th to 18th April 2021)

Edith (Secretary Midlands Area)

Sunshine at Hereford!

What a wonderful weekend and a particular thank you to our stewards Martin & Doreen with support and help from Edith, Colin & Lynne. They did a super job ensuring we were all safe and that the COVID Regs were enforced and maintained.

The sun shone and whist we all maintained our social distancing it didn’t stop us from having a fabulous relaxing weekend.

Nice walks along the riverside and a gentle stroll into Hereford – perfect. Looking forward to returning in 2021!

VE Day Victory in Europe 75th Anniversary 2020

VE Day Friday 8th May 2020 was a special day for us all. The Midland Area of the MCS had planned to celebrate in some style with a Street Party at our Droitwich Meet, coinciding with the yearly Canal Festival. Unfortunately we had to cancel  the Meet due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. However,  not to be out done some of our members managed safe distance street parties. Here’s one such party in full swing! Superb weather too!

Time to remember VE Day 2020 ©️ Colin Lang

Here’s another; complete with Motor Caravan and Union Jacks:

Putting the Flags Out : VE Day Celebrations 2020 ©️ Martin Whitaker

Most of us have or had fathers, mothers or grandfathers and grandmothers and relations who served in the Great War(s).

It was good to celebrate and we are grateful to them all. 

Hereford Rowing Club 6th August

Our next meet is at Hereford Rowing Club Thursday 6th August until Monday 10th August. This is our first meet since lockdown rules have been eased. Pre Booking is ESSENTIAL. Please contact our steward for the meet Martin Tel 07738 833604 in advance to book in if you are planning to attend. Also see our home page for COVID-19 procedures in force for the meet.

Those were the Days!

With plans on hold it’s nice to look back!

“Home with a view and my best friend came too” ©️Alan Mason

One of our members found a beautiful spot back in 2018 at Ullapool on Loch Broom NW of Inverness in Scotland.

Wow! Let’s stop here! ©️ Alan Mason
Nice Stopover ©️ Alan Mason

He also took the opportunity to visit Nairn another beautiful place East of Inverness.

“Down in the Woods” the Camping and Caravan Club Site at Nairn near Inverness ©️ Alan Mason

Rugeley Cricket Club

This has been our first meet in 2020 and we’ve welcomed new MCS members that are coming out with the Midland Area. We also welcomed some DA members that fancied a weekend with us. We had relaxed socials with plenty of chatter (which I was accused of not being quiet and giving others a chance – what cheek).

Snoozing at Rugeley Cricket Club ©️ Colin Lang

There was a real good feel factor about the weekend and although one of our visitors had a problem with their outfit we all got away safe and sound.

Briarfields Motel Cheltenham

A favourite place to meet our friends and fellow Motor Caravanners from South Wales. Here is our Chairman’s report on a fabulous weekend from Thursday 12th December onwards.

We arrived at Briarfields Site at about 5pm on Thursday evening to be greeted by the stewards, Anne and John. Also Bill and Linda from East Mids Area, who had arrived just before us. They had left home at 12 noon and travelled via the scenic route.

Anyway, I was setting up our van like a complete novice. I had put the water in the van before we left home, so we plugged into mains electric on site straight away. Put the fire on electricity  and also the water heater. Doreen wanted me to put the gas on for a cuppa. No gas coming through! So I checked the regulator that had been turned off. Still no gas! Checked the manifold and found that all the appliances were off! So I turned them on. Doreen went to fill the kettle, and there was no water coming out of the tap! I had not bled the system! While I was doing all this there was also steam coming out of the water heater… luckily I got away with that, as thankfully the water heater still works! Anyway, that’s enough about me: we got sorted out!

Friday morning at about 11am Lynne and Colin arrived and we decided to go into Cheltenham on the bus and have lunch before doing the shopping. 

The infamous Iconic sculptor of the Hare and Minotaur on the promenade at Cheltenham
©️ Colin Lang

When we were walking around we saw Anne and Johnwho told us they were meeting up with others from the old Wales area about 3.30pm in Weatherspoon’s and so we all joined them in there before going out into the dark to see all the Christmas lights.

Christmas lights at Cheltenham ©️ Martin Whitaker

Saturday nearly everyone went on the Bus to Gloucester.

Wannabe ice skaters in Gloucester Quays ©️ Colin Lang

We did not go until about lunch time but when we arrived we met Diane and Barry who told us they had been to the Cathedral with Marg and Ken. There was a Carol service being held and it was very nice.

The City of Gloucester Baker’s Clock, Southgate Street ©️Martin Whitaker

Sunday 11am was the Coffee Morning in the laundry room. I thanked the Stewards for their hard work and also everyone for coming and gave out the 2020 meet sheet. Colin spoke to someone who had not been out with us before which was good. I also had a word with them; thanking them for their support and said it would be nice to see them out again with us.

Bye for now Martin

Halfway through the Year!

We started the year in March near Rugeley, then to Uttoxeter.

From there to Market Bosworth for our AGM and a superb Easter weekend with our friends from the East Midland Section.

War Horse!

Then to Droitwich for our New Members Meet, taking in the Canal Festival.

Waiting for the tide!
Lake at Dodderhill – ©️Edith Lang

Over then to Northern Ireland for the National Section AGM.

10th Anniversary – ©️Martin Whitaker

Giants Causeway -©️ Edith Lang

An opportunity for some to head further south to explore Eire.

Peace Bridge Londonderry – ©️Edith Lang

Carrick Rope Bridge – ©️Edith Lang
Sunset at Carrick Fergus Loch Ryan Coastal Path – ©️Edith Lang

A beautiful weekend followed in glorious sunshine at Shardlow Marina in Derbyshire.

Moored up! – ©️Robert Morgan

Last week we had a ride on a steam train to Matlock.

Ride on steam train ©️Robert Morgan

In the evening we had a great time socialising in one of the carriages – an unusual venue enjoyed by all with much fun and laughter!